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Someday he'll come along...

Someday he will come along. But will it be tomorrow, or will it be the day before summer break? I got online because I just wanted to talk to him. I just want to have him in my life. I call him my frustration, but he is one of the most unfrustrating things in my life. I love everything about him, and especially his faults. I just want to sit and talk with him for hours. Or watch movies with him. Or sit with him in silence. I want him to love me the way I love him. Is that too much to ask? Would I be happy to see him just one-up Elliot and David. I don't want to be a silly high school girl with a crush. I just want to hang out with him because I care about him a lot. I want to say to him that I like him a lot, and have him say that he agrees and feels the same way. For the first time in my life everything could be completely normal. No one could complain...except perhaps Kate...

And then there is this evil green monster who hates his friends. Especially is female friends. This green monster hates everyone who could possibly like him, so...that's the way it goes.

So would my karma just hurry up and kick in so I can just jump him now. Yay.
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