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"Have you ever heard of rock and roll?...Study 'dis book!"

Somehow its really depressing that I was happier at school than during break. I just spent an hour in the cold talking to Vincent. She really creeps me out man. And...I'm...totally...not...over...her. Which kind of pisses me off. I suppose I could make an effort and like not hang out with her at all, but I really like hanging out with people who are actually mello and stuff. I feel kind of bad when Reg is in a good mood and I can't make the effort to be nice. I feel kind of bad when I walk away from people without saying anything. I feel kind of bad that my mom has to work at the public library with a bunch of shitty patrons from hell. She was almost crying last night. What can you do though? I don't know. She should be really happy that we're finally free of that fucking awful shag carpet. I wrote a story about it once. Actually it was about how bad at cleaning up we are. I think its really funny that I get along with my parents so much better than a lot of my friends. Well, no, I guess I get along with them, but my parents can be so much more pleasant most of the time. I guess even they can be psycotic. Reg is gonna call me about her history essay. Why can't she do her own fucking work? She goddamn deserves a C in that class. If she hadn't been crying I would've been like you little fucker you know you deserve it. I have so much work to do. I used to be such a good student. I hate this school. I want to end on a pleasant note. Ummm. Nothing is really coming to mind. Ms. Gertmenian made me feel better about my RP. Yay?
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