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When I was mean to him, he'd never say go away now.

My hair still kind of smells like hairspray. My hair was so foxy at semi. My outfit was so foxy at semi haha. It was really strange because I looked nothing like anyone else there. There is potentially so much diversity in women's clothing at yet they all manage to look the same. Aaaand show as much ass as possible. I love teenagers. I felt really bad for the teachers. I always do. They just kind of sit there in the cold and hope no one notices them. Mr. Colb told me I looked "so gorgeous," and then Mr. Lapolla was like "red's a good color." How silly. People think slow dancing is really silly, which it is but theres something kind of best about it. I mean besides the fact that it makes you feel more alone then you have ever felt in your life unless you actually have someone to dance with. Maybe it would be better if the songs weren't so sodding bad. I know exactly what Brittney meant when she was talking about how she hated people who were so "in love." In high school people are so sure they're in love that it's just kind of disgusting. And you see people you'd never expect to be going out going out... *erhem* *Kate and Janey*, they were really cute, but kate, in her inimitable way, was all nervous and flustered. Those things kind of contradict eachother. Whatever.
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