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Dead like Corpses

I could just get down to brass tax, but really, I don't want to. I'm planning on shillyshallying, which is the best of words. I would just like to say thank God for Ramya. She is the best person to talk to about anything. People keep asking me how I am. I'm not really sure how to respond. I'm not happy, but I'm not unhappy. It would seem to be the important part, right? I guess not. If you're not happy you might as well break out the razors now 'cause who knows when you'll blow your top. People are just lame sometimes. I'm just lame sometimes. I love and hate having words I use for everything. I love and hate everything. Ugh. Generalization. Don't you sometimes want to kill me? I know I do. When you talk about people behind their back you can get really mad and pretend they're evil and you're good and everything is fine and dandy with you and they're just the scum of the earth. (Fuck not using second person). I was talking with Ramya about me attempting to flirt with someone and Reg unknowingly getting in the way. Whenever I talk about her behind her back its always about the annoying little things she does. I suppose they add up, but I don't hate her. At least I think I don't, but Ramya says I do. It's kind of lame that I don't know what to think. God I said it again. I think it's so hilarious that I'm never happy when I'm in love (I use the term very loosely) with someone but that I'm never happy if I'm not in love with someone. Hilarious in a kind of disgusting way. I disgust myself. I should like...stop talking before I die. yay. the willowz.
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the issue with Reg is that.... her good traits JUST by a slim margin make-up for her mutlitude of bad traits. Thus you can't hate her completely but you cant love her completely. Its messy, disgusting, and annoying. The fact that she fits most the 7 deadly sins and is not ashamed of it is disturbing. I guess she wont find the true repercussions till she attempts to actually have a close relationship with someone, realizes how impairing her faults are and actually recognizes a need for change.

Haha, yes. Ramya is fantastic but I suck at having conversations with her. I dunno, Im just.... weird.
ugh I wish she'd learn that lesson like NOW and stop causing people distress. The problem with other people is you can rarely make them change (without otherwordly effort on your part). I spent hours not finding a solution with genna the other day. It was fun.