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No Justice No Peace

This week has been kinda weird, but I guess I've been pretty happy throughout. The idea is to make yourself happy right when you think it's wearing off. OH! Happy Birthday Aaron btw. Congratulations for being one of the five or so people's birthday's I actually remember. Anyways, first I watched a lot of movies, but that's nothing really new. Then I went shopping with Genna and Laura and I got a dress. Goddamn I love shopping with them. ha. Then I went shopping with Chloe on Hiaght street. That was awesome. I spent a lot of money haha. Oh well. It's all for ah, a good cause. And Chloe got cowboy boots. And the clerk was really cute, but Chloe didn't think so. I loved how when we were all like "those shoes are so cute""theyre really cute""yeah i really like them theyre really cute" and then he was like "yeah theyre really cu-nice. Theyre good shoes." I was afraid that Reg was mad at me, but when I think she will be she never is. I talked to her on the phone. It was a nice pennance. Cause I really don't want to get together with her even though I said I would. But that was friday, and one is liable to say anything on friday. I'm worried about Vincent too, but it's just one of those things i can't really help. Watching people program isnt that boring... Anyways. Here's hoping my mum will be alive after Christmas. Here's hoping I will.
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