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"i want to see you dress skankily"

lets not talk about who said that to me lol...

ok so im going to be gross...gross as in obsessive, self-indulgent, and over-updating of livejournal...and all-around gross...
i still feel happy whenever she smiles or talks or walks or anything...especially when she talks to me...and jealous when she talks to other people...the least little bit of emotion i get out of her makes me writhe with kills me when she is upset...and i wish i could feel the same way about someone who could actually like me but i cant...i tried but i really couldnt...and i dont really like her either...but at the same time she makes me i dont that weve recovered from our extreme hatred...i guess we can go back to normal...but theres only one kind of normal for im confused...i have this picture of her on my wall with chloe and kate and tracy and shes so cute...receptionist....god...
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