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O Come, All Ye Faithful

Now it's not only's wireless. sigh.

Last night was loads of fun. In that kind of I'm-so-happy-I'm-not-being-forced-to-do-something kind of way. We watched Elf, which was silly and cute. It's nice to watch a crappy Christmas movie once in a while. Then we watched Destry Rides Again, which was absolutely awesome. Jesus, break is almost over. Bah. At least this break was really good. I got to rest. I got to hang out with cool people. I love NPR. And Clueless. Truffettes? Not so much. Toasted french bread with garlic and bleu cheese? Indeed.

News Years always depresses me actually. It is pretty depressing that people would sit and home and watch Cher on the telly. Luckily I turned of the TV so we didn't end up being those people. And we had really good champage that my aunt and uncle left, even though I don't like champagne. What we did was play Monopoly into the new year. My brother smashed us. It was fun.

On other news. Woodleys party. What nonsense. Am I the only person who doesn't like opera singers (or actors)? But I did get to dance to Embraceable You, even though I can't really dance. People who can dance make me so jealous. The partay was fun, but there was this really creepy man trying to pick up chloe and I but we ran away so it was ok.

Happy New Year.
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