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I end up like I start out, just crying my heart out...

I feel so bad for David. So bad. I tried to explain to Clara, really I did. Because I know just how he feels. I know how she feels too. I guess. But she can't just say it's that easy, because it's not. I wish I could help everyone with their APs. Especially art because that is majorly shit-tay. My conversation with Clara the other day was pretty intense. I wish it had ended on a better note. I have giant bumps on my face. I hate looking worse than I do already. I hate the way he greets me. Like he has to. I'm glad I decided to say no to drugs. Drugs. I wish I could associate him with more than that. Sometimes I can. I can. I can't really get passed it though. I never want it enough. There is only one person for whom I could get over everything, anything. I don't know why. I wish it wasn't that person. It didn't have to be. Some girl started talking to me. What a freaky experience. I miss the good old days that weren't that good. I'm a lot happier now. I think. Because I can deal with everything. Even rejection. I could have dealt with that before. And I did. Even though I was kind of mad and hateful. But that wasn't because of rejection. Clara told me I looked like Lindsay. LOVE.
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